Inflatable Seating


Many BOTE products are designed to get you out on the water, but some days just sitting back and relaxing is the best option. For this, BOTE has come up with a line of leisure products that keep with the tradition of durability, convenience, and portability that Aero products have become known for.


From backyard bonfire to relaxing on the sandbar or sippin' a cold one on the beach - Aero Seats are your go anywhere, go everywhere option! With their compact size and lightweight, you can toss them around and drag them with you wherever you venture.


When deflated, it folds up to fit into the most compact of spaces. Add air, and in seconds it becomes a fully functional throne fit for well... everyone. Designed to sit low to the ground, the chair is perfect for relaxing on the sand, floating on your boat, hanging at a tailgate or just chillin' on the back deck. Gone are the days of rusty hinges, moldy bean bags, and rotted netting. Grab a few Aero Seats and update your outdoor seating experience.

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