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Comfortable Boots are Just a Step Away

The pow is fresh and the chairlift is still rolling, so why should you let painful, uncomfortable boots end your fun early? Perfect-fitting ski boots do exist – but rarely right out of the box. When you get your feet assessed by one of our certified PEAK PROS they’ll find the right boot and footbed for you, then customize it to fit your unique foot shape. You’ll experience a truly custom-fit and better performance, but more importantly, you’ll want to spend even more time on the mountain.



We Don't Follow the Standard. We Set It.

Every foot is different. Every skier is different. Advice throughout the ski industry can be... well, different. Our PEAK PROS are required to complete rigorous training each season to keep their certification and stay up to date on the latest science-backed bootfitting information. So, you can trust when you visit any one of our PEAK PROS locations, you’ll receive the same consistent advice and industry-leading bootfitting services specific to your foot and biomechanics – not just some local boot guru’s opinion. It’s how we’ve set the highest standard of bootfitting in the industry.



Our custom ski bootfittings will treat your feet to unmatched comfort.


Your performance on slopes is greatly impacted by proper fitting boots.


Our bootfitting assessment is based off your own biomechanics to offer a perfect fit.



  • Custom Shell Molding → $35 / $60
  • Intuition Molding → $35 / $60
  • Heat Molding - Stock Liner → $25 / $35
  • Punch – per → $35 / $45
  • Boot Heater Install → $35 / $45
  • Booster Install → $35 / $45
  • Buckle Repair → $30
  • Heel Lifts → $30
  • Shims → $20
  • Foam S / L → $10 / $20
  • General Labor → $1 per Minute
  • Boot Fitting Assessment → $30 per 1/2 hour*
    *Waived with boot purchase


Call your nearest PEAK PROS location to schedule a custom bootfitting appointment


"Custom bootfitting – the thing I needed most and didn’t know I needed. After countless days on snow battling aching feet and fighting turns, I was no longer willing to settle. I wanted to improve my skiing and, most importantly, spend even more time on snow, but my boots were killing me. A friend recommended I get a custom boot fit with a reputable boot fitter from Boyne Country Sports, so I made an appointment for the following day. The process was thorough and I learned so much about the importance of having the correct boot size, style, and fit. “Date the ski, marry the boot” as they say. After swapping ski stories and going through the boot fitting process, I immediately tested the boots on the ski hill and didn’t get off the slopes until last run and was back for first tracks the following day. Needless to say, the custom fit changed the entire game for me."

- KATE, Michigan (Advanced Skier)



The ski boot is the most important piece of your gear. Making sure that you purchase the correct boot size and that it fits properly will ensure peak comfort and performance.

  • What happens during a PEAK PROS assessment? Is it included when you get any PEAK PROS bootfitting services done?
    Our certified PEAK PRO will ask you questions that are specific to where you ski and your skier type, then assess your feet and arches, and dive into your biomechanics. This gives us the knowledge to properly build a footbed, find the correct boot and make modifications to your boot to make it fit perfectly. A foot assessment is vital to finding the perfect fit and is recommended before receiving any one of our bootfitting services – this $30/half an hour fee is waived if you purchase a boot with us.
  • How should ski boots fit?
    Ski boots should not be too tight or too loose, but snug. Boots that fit too loose can cause “hotspots” which can lead to bruising while ones that are too tight can also be painful and cut off circulation. Both can very easily end your day early. That’s why it’s important to see a professional to receive a ski bootfitting and ensure a proper fit.
  • Can I get my ski boots customized if I didn’t purchase them from a PEAK PROS certified location?
    Absolutely! PEAK PROS are here to help make everyone’s ski boot fit better, even if you didn’t buy boots from us. Stop into one of our locations and talk with one of our certified PEAK PROS today.
  • Is PEAK PROS Custom Bootfitting only in Michigan?
    No, we have certified PEAK PROS bootfitting throughout the U.S. at the following locations: Newry, Maine at Sunday River Resort. Carrabasset Valley, Maine at Sugarloaf Resort. Lincoln, New Hampshire at Loon Mountain Resort. Big Sky, Montana at Big Sky Resort. Here’s our full list of our bootfitting locations in Michigan: Boyne Falls, MI at Boyne Mountain Resort. Harbor Springs, MI at the Highlands Resort. Petoskey, MI at Boyne Country Sports. Traverse City, MI at Boyne Country Sports. Novi, MI at Boyne Country Sports. Bloomfield, MI at Boyne Country Sports. Grand Rapids, MI at Boyne Country Sports.
  • How can I make an appointment for a PEAK PROS Custom Ski Bootfitting Near Me?
    You can find the nearest PEAK PROS location by clicking here (list of locations & phone numbers). Just call the number of the location you plan on visiting and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you.
  • Does PEAK PROS offer custom Snowboard Bootfitting?
    All of our resort stores and Boyne Country Sports stores offer help fitting snowboard boots, but the PEAK PROS program is specific to delivering top of the industry ski bootfitting at this time. In the near future, however, we plan to offer PEAK PROS snowboard bootfitting services.
  • I am a beginner skier, is a custom bootfitting for me?
    Yes! Boots are the most important piece of your gear, so it’s extremely important for them to fit properly, especially as a beginner because you may not feel discomfort but it can impact your performance. As you are learning, an ill-fitting boot can hinder your progress, prematurely end your day, or possibly even making skiing feel less fun than it really is. Seeing a professional PEAK PRO will help you find the right fit, make your feet comfortable, and allow you to progress as fast as possible.
  • Why do I need a footbed for my ski boot?
    The footbed is the foundation of a great fitting ski boot! Everyone's foot shape and mobility are different, and ski boot manufactures don't produce a custom-fitted footbed but expect you to get it customized to your foot so that it properly supports you.
  • How long should a proper ski bootfitting take?
    Generally, when purchasing new boots, the process should take about an hour and a half. If you purchased boots from another retailer the time frame will depend on what services your boots require. Our assessment takes about half an hour. Depending on the services that are needed, modifications to your boot can range from a half an hour to an hour. Some modifications, such as stretching or grinding may take longer.