Adult Ski Sizing Chart

For any skier there is no "one perfect length" ski. We recommend starting based on your weight and skier ability, then modifying the length based on how aggressive the skier is and the terrain the skier prefers to ski in. Height does play a role in some situations but has the smallest impact on choosing the correct length for most skiers. Please use the following charts to determine the best length for your needs.

Adult Ski Chart

Weight (lbs) Beginner Intermediate  Advanced/Expert
100-109 139 143 147
110-119 144 146 150
120-129 146 150 154
130-139 150 154 159
140-149 154 159 163
150-159 160 164 169
160-169 165 169 173
170-179 170 174 178
180-209 172 176 180
210-219 175 178 180
220+ 178 180 182

*If height is greater than 6'2" and weight is less than 170lbs start with 170lbs category. If height is less than 5'2" and weight is greater than 150lbs start with the 140lbs category.

Once a base length is determined we make two final modifications.

Skiing Style

Cautious minus 3 cm
Average no change
Aggressive plus 3 cm

 *Skiing style is not determined by skill range.  Many athletic beginners may choose aggressive if they are prefer to ski fast but are still learning technique.  Advanced skiers may choose cautious if they prefer to ski at lower speeds and are primarily concerned about control.

Skiing Terrain

Groomed/Frontside no change
All Mountain plus 3 cm
All Mountain/Powder plus 6 cm
Freestyle plus 3 cm


Once a final length is determined any ski within 3cm longer or shorter is the ideal range for a skier.  If a final length is 174cm, then skis 171-177cm are in the ideal range.  If two lengths of a ski fall into an ideal range the shorter length will typically offer more control where the longer length will offer more stability at speed.