Adult Snowboard Size Chart

For any snowboarder there isn't one correct length. By starting with rider weight, then considering rider ability, riding style, and where you will be riding you can generate the best range of sizes. While many people think about sizing on height it has very little impact on the correct length snowboard.  Please use the following charts to dial in the correct size range for your needs.

Adult Snowboard Size Chart

Weight (lbs) Beginner Intermediate Advanced
100-109 134 140 144
110-119 138 142 146
120-129 142 145 148
130-139 144 148 152
140-149 148 150 154
150-159 150 154 156
160-169 152 154 158
170-179 154  156 160
180-199 156 158 162
200-219 158 162 164
220+ 160 164 168

Once a base length is determined two modifications need to be considered.

Snowboarding Style

Cautious  minus 2cm
Average no change
Aggressive plus 2 cm

 *Snowboarding style is not determined by skill range.  Many athletic beginners may choose aggressive if they are prefer to ride fast but are still learning technique.  Advanced snowboarders may choose cautious if they prefer to ride at lower speeds and are primarily concerned about control.

Snowboarding Terrain

Groomers/Frontside  no change
All Mountain plus 2 cm
All Mountain/Powder plus 4 cm
Freestyle minus 2 cm


Once a final length is determined any snowboard within 2cm longer or shorter is the ideal range for that snowboarder. If a final length is 158cm, the snowboards from 156 to 160cm are in the ideal range. If two lengths of a particular board fall into the ideal range choose the shorter board for more maneuverability or the longer length for more stability at speed.