Rossignol Men's XC-5 Nordic Ski Boot 2021

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These boots are ideal for recreational and adventurous skiers who are looking to maximize their fun and experiences out there in the Nordic world. They're a bit wide for the track, but they're not built to max out on kilometers, they're built for fun and adventure. That wider bar sure gives the boot a lot of power when clicked in to the BC binding. From there all the way through the solid lugged sole, the boots are able to transmit all of your energy to the ski without losing out. All of this is done with comfort, safety, and convenience in mind, so you definitely get the best of both worlds. The hinged ankle cuff is perfect for holding you in snugly and securely, even in the most demanding of conditions. The tighter you snug up the velcro strap up top, the more control you'll have on the ski. When you're descending some tricky trails, this sure comes in handy. While not designed with legitimate telemark turns in mind, experienced skiers can surely drop a knee when needed or desired.