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Mom Stoke!

Mom Stoke!

Calling all MOMS!

Join us at the NOVI store for our Mom Stoke! event with Nordica ambassador Brooke Froelich. Brooke will be visiting us from her home in Colorado where she spends her time raising her 2 active kids, Huck and Tatum, in the Mountains.

"When I’m outside I feel like I’m a better version of mother I want to be--- more kind, more patient, more playful, more brave and a little more wise."

Brooke will share her stories and tips (what has worked and what hasn't), for skiing with kids as part of Nordica's ongoing "It's Family Time" campaign.

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  • Enjoy wine and snacks.

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About Brooke

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In my lifetime, I’ve used many different titles to describe myself: research scientist, trail runner, storyteller, backcountry skier, student, climber, adventurer, friend, mountain biker, violinist, etc. The title I value the very most in my life is: mother.

Growing up at the base of the Wasatch mountain range in Utah, spending time outdoors was an important part of my childhood. As I grew older I forgot about the little girl exploring trails, climbing trees, and catching frogs. I traded converse sneakers in for high heels. I lost an important part of myself. In my mid 20’s I began to feel the pull of the desert. I learned to become wild again. Climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and exploring took up all of my free time when I wasn’t working in the research lab. Spending time outside helps me keep perspective of the most important elements in my life.

During my pregnancy I decided to continue this lifestyle. After consulting with my doctor I continued climbing, biking, hiking, and skiing throughout my pregnancy (backcountry skiing a few days before my son was born, and trail running a few hours before going into labor).

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