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Junior Has a Fit

Junior Has a Fit

Since 2003, Boyne Country Sports has been fitting young skiers, snowboarders and golfers with equipment that enables them to enjoy a day on the slopes or the course.

The Junior Has A Fit program is now more than 11,000 kids strong and growing each season.

Why join?

It's simple, really. Whether you have a little skier on your hands, a snowboarder or a golfer, our Junior Has A Fit Program is the perfect way to have gear that fits from season to season. No need to try and "squeeze a season or two" out of the equipment, thus sacrificing fit, comfort, and performance.

Enter the program. Get brand new, properly fitted equipment. Return equipment. Get new equipment the following season.

Yes, we are serious. It is that simple.

Kids develop habits at a young age...whether that's the correct stance while addressing the ball or the correct balance on the balls of their feet. A critical component to forming the proper habits is correctly fitted equipment. A golf shaft that is the right length, allowing them the proper stance and swing; a properly fitting ski boot, enabling them to transfer power efficiently to their perfectly fitted skis; the correct sized snowboard based on their weight, enabling them to flex and properly make the board carve a turn.

Not only does the correct fit enable young skiers, rider, and golfers to form the correct habits at an early age, it makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for them and for their parents!

Stop by one of our Boyne Country Sports locations to meet Twiggs, our Junior Has a Fit snowman, and get your junior part of the program!