Stockli Men's Laser SC SRT Speed Ski D20+SRT12 Binding 2021

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Your perfect companion for athletic days on the slopes. No matter if steep or flat pistes, hard or soft surfaces, or fast or easygoing runs, this all-rounder is designed for a wide range of use. It ensures maximum performance and the utmost in fun. A variety of technological features means this ski will look great and perform even better in any situation.


  • Sandwich Sidewall Technology - Built layer-by-layer, glued under pressure for heavy duty construction, optimum precision and energy transfer
  • Size Optimized Construction - FIS models precisely adapted to individual prerequisites, perfectly aligned with athletes skiing level
  • Solid Metal Edge - Incorporating wider edges and extending the lifetime of the ski
  • Laser 3.0 Top Sheet Structure - New surfaces on Laser models, combines three different textures for enhanced durability with an eye catching look
  • Full Edge Contact - Wider at tip for easier and faster turn initiation and enhanced grip
  • Torsion Racing Technology - Lengthwise cuts at tip and tail to provide more control and tolerance, improving curve technique


  • Construction: Sandwich Sidewall Technology
  • Base: Racing-Graphite
  • Technology: FEC, SME, SOC, SST, TRT, TSS
  • Article Number: 41010121
  • Sidecut @ 170: 123-72-104
  • Radius @ 170: >14.9
  • Weight: 3.62 kg
  • Made in Switzerland