Women & Winter | Goodbye Ski Shop Scaries

Women & Winter | Goodbye Ski Shop Scaries

Goodbye Ski Shop Scaries

Outside of her day-to-day in the eCommerce world with Marker, Dalbello, Völkl ski company, Barclay Rappeport is a fellow female skier, a coach at Mad River Glen, a wife to a ski patroller, and a mother to teenage twin boys. Basically... she's a badass. 

Barclay has been skiing for over 40 years and has started to see a common trend with female skiers - ski shop scaries*. Skiing has historically been known as a male-dominated industry and many ski companies, like MDV, are embracing change. Taking girl power to the next level, MDV designs female-specific equipment and has an incredibly strong team of female skiers to back it up. 

*Ski shop scaries are the feeling of the discouragement or lack of confidence to walk into a ski shop because you are a newbie or a female skier.

Take It From The Pro

Barclay teaches us how to ditch the ski shop scaries and start walking into the ski shop like a boss. She first tells us what to know as a first-time shopper, then how to appropriately shop for the equipment that will best serve you.

A bit of wisdom from Barclay: treat your time at the ski shop (and on the slopes) like a spa day. She recommends taking at least an hour in a shop to explore, talk with a pro, and find the gear that's right for you. Equipment shopping is time and money invested in YOU. With the right equipment, you too could find yourself skiing for 40+ years.

Say goodbye to ski shop scaries and walk into the shop like a boss. Watch the video for the full scoop on everything from boot fittings, to what skis might work for your style, and how to conquer the ski season.



Simply Skiing, Just Like That

Check out MDV Project Elevate/Just Like That - an initiative put forth by MDV to elevate women in the sport of skiing. 



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